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More than 15 years ago, when I arrived at Puerto Jimenez, in the deep south of the Osa Peninsula, things were not so different from now... a town with the fascination of to be " at the End of the Road ", a lot, much more than the last two-three years, tourists, that were attracted by the green Treasure of the Corcovado National Park and its abundant wildlife, a quite big group of foreigners coming from everywhere in the world, involved in the most different activities, ranging from hotel owners, builders, fishing boat captains, artists, " artists ", hobos, retired people, biologists, natural guides, etc., etc. .and the local population that was, as it is today, working in their fincas, or in some Hotel, or in some tourism related activities, like sodas, the local version of a basic small restaurant, and some real restaurant.


After three - four years of living in Puerto Jimenez, working in Wood construction and furniture making, with little time for to stay home and enjoy a regular family life, me, my wife Cecilia, and my daughter Iriria, we knew the menu of the few restaurants in town better than the restaurants owners, and it was quite easy because it was almost one single menu printed on different papers.


So, considering that the only way for to have more variety , and escape to the boring tour of the town restaurants, was to prepare  our food, and, considering that in town there where some other dozens of persons with the same problem, we decide to open a New Restaurant in Puerto Jimenez,  one that would offer Italian Cuisine, some international recipes, some cross breed amongst the Italian and the Costa Rican vegetables and fruits,  widely available here around, and some contamination from other gastronomic cultures.


So, the " La Dolce Vita " Restaurant, of Fellinian memory, was born, in a few days, offering some absolute new food, for the Osa Peninsula, from the tables of " Dona Leta Bungalows" Lodge, the one that is know as " Parrot Bay" in the today time.


It Was 1999 and we operated  there for one year, and then we saw that the place was too small for us, and we started remodelling a dismissed, basic soda, that, after other two years of labours,  became the " Il Giardino Italian Restaurant ".


In  this new location we maintained  almost all of the recipes we had at La Dolce Vita, but we developed more Exclusives Recipes, fruit of experimentation with local products, and the Pizza Menu, for to meet the increasing demand of it, demand that we created, because until the moment we made the first one, there was no Italian Pizza in town, probably from the time of Cristoforo Colombo....!!



So, here we are, trying to maintain happy our Customers that are following us from the first days, appreciating the evolution of the recipes we are alternating, blaming for the disappearing from the menu of some of them that they were liking, but so difficult to maintain because the impossibility of having regular supplies of the necessaries products, or for the irregularity of the request, creating new contaminated recipes that are appreciate from old and new Customers, and we are arrived to a point that some of our Exclusive Recipes had been reproduced by some of our clients, under oath of don't spread the secret formula,   in their homes abroad, for the delight of their friends.




Il Giardino

Ristorante Italiano


The Only Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez
Since 1999

Telefono : 2 735 51 29
Fax : 2 735 56 48


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