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Only Healthy, Fresh product are Utilized for to to create the tasty plates at Il Giardino Itlaian Restauran In Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica






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Our Phylosophy

We believe that eating is the physical pleasure that is possible to repeat more often during our life, at least in public places , and that for to celebrate this ritual, the elements that are necessaries for to produce a satisfactory final result, are not only the quality of food and the price you pay for it, but a compound of " accessories " that are important as the food itself.

So, we, for our restaurant, choose a place that, even  if it is in the centre of Puerto Jimenez, is not affected by the noise and pollution of the car traffic, bad smelling sewage waters running just out of the door, the storms of thirsty mosquitoes or, worst, purrujas, that can, easily, drive you crazy in few minutes, pushing food quality at the end of the list of the sensations your brain is assimilating.

You will not find, ever, a TV set in our restaurant, not even during World Football Championship...!!

The soft sound   of Italian songs, specially of the 60ies and 70ies,  is what you can expect to hear the most of the time, alternate to Latin American  " Trova " singers and musicians, or, specially during End of the Year Holidays, the live voice of our Great Friend Ruben Pagura, Argentinean/Costarican author, singer, actor that make us the honour to be our guest for the last ten years.

We don't really believe that the pleasure of eating a dish that is coming from  one of the more famous gastronomy of the world, the Italian Cuisine, part of an heritage that has its origins almost 3.000 years ago, can be fulfilled if you seat on a cheap plastic chair...!!

The furniture of a place that pretend to be a temple of the Eating Pleasure religion, must respect some simple rules as to be made in natural elements, like wood, must be ergonomic enough for to offer a comfortable posture, and a warmth feeling when touched by parts of Human Body, so, no plastic, no glass, no stone, no concrete....Wood is the King, and we used it even for to make our sink..!!

Almost all the tropical hardwood  we used for to make the furniture that RAREWOOD produced for us, is part of natural fallen trees, collected with oxen and buffaloes in the deep rainforest of the Osa Peninsula, reducing at almost zero the impact over the environment.

The natural beauty of these woods, enhances the final result of the custom made bar, tables and chairs, giving a warmth feeling of the whole place, that help to make a simple Dining an experience to remember.

One thing that our customer must have very clear in mind is that there are no shortcuts to quality.

So, if you are in a hurry because your boat or taxi is leaving in a few minutes, it is much better you order one burger and chips in one of the other restaurants in town because our dishes need the time they need, and we can't prepare them faster than what we do.

SLOW FOOD, is a world movement that is trying to change the way people had been conditioned to think to having lunch or dinner...speed is an important value for racing cars and rockets, but, as for sex, is not important at all, if you are enjoying  a good food in a comfortable place while you are listening good, soft, would not end this experience too soon and have to leave....!!

So please, let us do our work following the scheme we set after more than 20 years of experience, drink one more glass of our wines, while we are preparing one of our exclusives plates....the result will worth the wait...promise!!

Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli and Crab Ravioli, with their related sauces, are two creation that we developed in these last years, while the Meat Ravioli with its classic Porcini Mushrooms Sauce is a combination of two Ranalli Family Historical Recipes :  the stuff of the ravioli is the one that I learned from my childhood, helping my Mom, Ada,  while the Porcini sauce is based on the one that my Grandpa, Edoardo, was preparing for the Holidays.

Lasagne with Ragu sauce, are one of our war horses, while the traditional Pesto sauce, that we use for our Antica Genova Pizza, in combination with shrimps, had evolved to a new level of delicacy and smoothness with some little adjustments.

Our Fresh Tomatoes spaghetti with shrimps is one of the most frequent requests from old and new customers, while the Loreto pizza, where the guacamole style Aguacate meets  the Mozzarella in the warmth of the oven, is a new fronteer we open on the pursue of different and intriguing tastes.

Our Green Pepper Tenderloin is another dish well know amongst our customer and we always try to find that perfect piece of meat, so difficult to have here around, for to prepare this state of the art of meat recipes.

We opened a Blog for to have the chance to discuss some details of our recipes and have a place where we, Giulio, Cecilia and Iriria, can meet our customers or people that in some moment could became customers too, and interchange impressions and counsels, so if you want to meet us, the best way is to go to :   

  ......see you there...!!!


Il Giardino

Ristorante Italiano


The Only Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez
Since 1999

Telefono : 2 735 51 29
Fax : 2 735 56 48


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